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Workplace accidents in the Netherlands

Approximately 60 people die every year as a result of an accident in the workplace In the Netherlands. In addition to the people who die, about 2,300 are seriously injured in an industrial accident. Often there is a hospitalization and in many cases permanent injury. A workplace accident always refers to an accident that prevents you from carrying out the work. A minor accident that causes you to be injured but still able to continue working is not considered an workplace accident.


 Professions where a lot of physical work is done are most at risk. Think of masons, painters or carpenters. Professions where a lot of work is done with machines, such as in factories or mechanics, are also at a higher risk for work accidents. In factories often occur work accidents involving machines or hazardous substances. Trips and falls are at the top of the list of the most serious industrial accidents. This is the most common and can cause nasty injuries. Too much work pressure often contributes to industrial accidents.

How do you prevent a workplace accident

Of course you never see an accident coming. After all, if you know that you are going to fall, you will already lie down. However, it is important to do everything you can to prevent this. For example, it is wise to have a good safety policy. All risks have been mapped out in this safety policy. Furthermore, the safety policy contains all measures devised to prevent the risks. Your employer is responsible for a safe workplace. Your employer must therefore always report a serious accident to the inspection. A serious accident is when there is death, permanent injury or hospitalization. Furthermore, companies can always choose to perform inspections to ensure that everything works properly and is safe. Nowadays these inspections can already be done via your mobile device, hence the term mobile inspections.